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AJW offers following four products depending on the urgency and time sensitiveness, for pick up and delivery within India. It is a well spread pack designed to meet the demands for time sensitive documents to general bulk mailers at rates which are sharp but firm and committed deliveries. Offer also include "Value Added Services" for Corporates having an account with AJW , like Cash on delivery, F.O.D services, Door Delivery on Pre Paid Basis (DDP) shipments etc.,. Details are available with our Sales Department.
For time definite urgent shipments, AJW offers you a solution. Deliveries will completed by 12 noon the next business day by highly time efficient messengers. This premium service is only available to select cities of Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkutta, Bangalore and Hyderabad and for packages with maximum weight of 5 kilos.
An exclusive product from AJW for packages that need to be delivered by the end of the next business day. Next business day Delivery service is for immediate shipment of packages not exceeding 5 kgs.
A cost effective product from AJW for shipping of packages upto 30kgs and by air which need to be delivered in two business days..
This most economical and price friendly service from the stables of AJW is for all packages that are under 30kgs. Delivery will be made in 2 – 7 business days. Suitable for bulk Mailers, Journals, and other Docs and packages which are not very time sensitive.


AJW offers " door to door" services for parcels to be sent on air cargo mode, where the deliveries may be two days for major metros within India and three days for other Indian cities. Minimum chargeable weight is 5 kilos.
AJW also offers "door to door" services for parcels/cargo by economical surface mode of within india .Minimum chargeable weight is 10 Kgs.Please contact our Manager-operations for transit schedule and documentation.


AJW offers an On-board Express service to New York, London, and to several EU and Canadian cities. Transit time to these cities for on-board Service will be in 48 to 72 hrs depending on city of origin and destination.. Documents and commercial shipments with piece weights under 30 Kgs and value under $1500 per AWB per shipment are good for carriage. Our service includes a 24 hr transit time for New York and London from Mumbai and New Delhi.
Express Standard
AJW serves most global destinations and you can rely upon AJW to deliver your shipments both cost effectively and on time. Many Corporate Companies use AJW and have commended our good service. AJW offers web tracking and offers on request updates on E-mail too. Our commitment to our customers is of paramount importance to us and our Leadership Team directly monitors our CS levels and works with pride to improve it everyday. Our international service offers the choice of multiple network to enable our customers to get the benefit of choosing net work of their choice. This also helps them find the best network for specific global destinations.
Multimode Express
AJW makes a pioneering effort in offering you multimode express service for LETTERS, DOCS and NON-DOCS giving our esteemed customers the advantage of much lower cost and at the same time offering all facilities like high quality, reliable and time definite deliveries that are trackable. Corporates requiring cost effective bulk dispatches will immensely benefit from this Service. AJW has delivered millions of documents and journals for a large number of International publishers like Elsevier , the New Yorker etc.


AJW facilitate the import of shipments that are Import worthy as per Indian Customs regulations. Import can be done from most EU cities, U.K, Canada, North America, China, Singapore, Malaysia, , Australia, Middle East and Other Asian Countries. Imports may be done for shipments that are 32 Kgs in piece weight or less and keeping in mind all other customs IATA and other GOVT regulations. Pre Payment is an essential pre requisite.


AJW has the distinction of making available the Next Flight Out (NFO) or Same Day service for your Domestic and International shipments. AJW's services are unmatched and on time delivery performance is 99.9 %. AJW has shipped and imported thousands of shipments and earned the Kudos from large companies.
AJW serves in the Aviation sector (AOG Parts) , Pharma Sector ( for medicines and Bulk Drugs), the Clinical Trial Sector (for Blood, Embryos and other Human Tissues), the Dangerous goods Sector (for Petroleum and other inflammable Chemicals, and liquids), the Computer Hardware Industry and many others.

Our AJW Team can Import and Export to and fro most parts of the Globe in approx 48 hrs from Door to Door. For dangerous goods, and Temperature controlled logistics(TCL) our services include provision of packaging materials and assistance in the preparations of DG Docs.

e Xpress

With the recent explosion of online buying in India, the market is indeed ripe for E-commerce. If you are an E-commerce business looking for a reliable partner to succeed in this competitive environment, AJW will serve your every need in logistics
.AJW can offer a range of flexible logistic options tailored to suit your particular need and ensure seamless integration of transportation, distribution and supply chain management. Feel free to contact General Manager- Planning & Strategy. The .AJW team will visit you and make a presentation of their strengths and credentials
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